Doris Lindemann

I am first and foremost a landscape painter, fascinated by what is elusive and ephemeral in the landscape and what is eternal and solid.

My work reflects the textures and rhythms of the two and the tension between them. It is the visual expression of my attempt to understand the essence of the landscape, its male and female elements, its timelessness and its sense of history and the ancient.
The female figure sometimes appears as an integral part of my landscapes reflecting the affinity between us humans and nature, the ever precarious balance of hard and soft, intellectual and emotional, assertive and compliant, male and female in our own nature. I also like to draw from life with inks.
 There is often a sense of urgency in my work caused by my need to process impressions immediately, the impact as little as possible diluted by time.
The actual procedure of producing my work is my main focus, the meditative process of dealing with the subject matter a valued time of contemplation. I will lose myself in the building up and scraping away of layers, using a variety of media, to develop my version of a weathered rock face or a winter sky.
I like a distinct drawing to support my paintings and I use line to express energy and movement.
In printmaking I like to work with “soft” plates as in monoprinting and collagraphs.

Painting Holidays
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Painting Holidays:

Some places are still available on the following holiday courses in Kas, Turkey:

5th Oct. to 9th Oct 2011
12th Oct to 16th Oct 2011
also on workshops and classes in St. Ives, Cornwall, throughout the summer.

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Painting Classes
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Though also interested in drawing and painting from life my main area of passion and expertise has always been in painting the landscape. Trained at the Irish School of Landscape Painting and the St. Ives School of Painting, I am a full time painter, printmaker and art tutor, also a fully trained teacher and lecturer with decades of experience in adult education.

I teach landscape painting in any shape or form: from the very representative to the abstract, . . .


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‘Take 3’

An exhibition of paintings by Doris Lindemann, Mary Allen and Marie Keeling
21.6.2009 to 3.7.2009
Mariners Gallery
Norway Square
St. Ives TR26 2SX


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